Winter Countdown

Miami Winter Horse Camp – Miami Equestrian Club

The winter and holidays have arrived filling us with the magic of the season. It’s during this wonderful time that Miami Equestrian Club is pleased to offer our Miami winter horse camp. Your children will enjoy a wonderful experience with our horses as they explore our 17.5 acres Equestrian Center.

Our knowledge and experience is top among south Florida Equestrian Centers. Learning about these marvelous animals can be the best experience your kids ever had. Come join us!

Miami Winter Horse Camp at our Equestrian Center

Nature can have a therapeutic and transformative effect. It’s scientifically proven that nature can restore mental functioning as much as food and water. The heart of it all rests on the eye-catching atmosphere surrounding you at Miami Equestrian Club during Miami winter horse camp.

Miami Winter Horse Camp

Connecting with horses and nature can rejuvenate you by improving both your physical and mental health. According to research experiencing nature can provide more energy and a sense of happiness and elation. This is why we open our doors this winter and welcome everyone to enjoy the fun!

Horseback Riding Winter Camps Miami

Miami Equestrian Club has one of the best winter camps in South Florida which consist of horseback riding, pony rides, games, horse grooming, etc. A new generation of young riders has been trained at our Equestrian Center. All students are welcomed. We can accommodate every skill level. It’s easy starting your horseback riding adventure with the help of our trained staff. You can stop by this winter and see for yourself all that we offer.

Pony rides at our winter camp for kids

Pony rides for kids at Miami Equestrian Club can be fun. Children of all ages are welcomed. Our spacious 17.5 acres farm is the perfect place to introduce your children to the world of horses for the first time. Your children will improve their physical and mental fitness and also enjoy Miami’s picturesque rural scenery. Ponies are docile animals with calm personalities and they are generally eager to please and enjoy being pet and groomed. Your kids can also learn more about Horse Country and how interacting with ponies can create a special bond.

Horse grooming

Pony rides for kids at Miami Winter Horse Camp

Grooming your horse is also therapeutic and it helps your horse keep a healthy coat and skin. It can be an engaging activity to help your children learn more about animals in general and horse grooming in specific. They learn equine words and horse terminology, saddle types, brushes used to smooth down the hair, and how to comb the mane and tail. The instructor will also show how to thoroughly clean the horse feet.

Learning about horse nutrition

Our winter camp instructors will also teach your children how to feed our horses and the nutrition requirements. Although the feeding tag provides general information, the specifics are only learned as you feed them. Some horses don’t even read the tag but they know what to do. Instructions always help the feeder to get familiar with the feeding routine and learn about the basic nutrients such as water, fat, protein, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The nutritional requirements are different for each horse therefore you may need to assess the feeding tag.

Other winter camp activities you can enjoy at Miami Equestrian Club

Miami Equestrian Club winter camp program offers a variety of amusing activities. Besides riding, pony rides, and horse grooming we also offer educational activities such as arts and crafts and a variety of entertaining games. Our counselors have plenty of experience assisting children and young adults in these amazing events. Our staff is passionate about horses and they will make sure your children have an extraordinary experience.

Among the most popular activities are outdoor and indoor games where your children will explore a variety of fun games that will help them learn more about the world of horses. There are crafts and games where they can learn how to trace and draw horses with the help of an art instructor, learn to decorate the farm, paint ceramics, make bracelets and necklaces, origami, stamp art and much more. Other fun games include card games, circle games, ball games, building activities, and learning games.

Kids will also learn about farm maintenance. Doing farm shores can be a great way for your kids to get involved with horses at an early age. They learn how to be responsible, accountable, and build a set of skills they will be able to use as adults. It’s also very beneficial they keep their young mind active and healthy by exploring our 10n acre farm and discovering the wonders nature and the animal kingdom have to offer.

Prices and Ages

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Minimum age requirement: 8 years old

Horseback Riding Program at Miami Winter Horse Camp


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