Welcome to our Spring camp's FAQ's. If you have any other question besides the ones provided here, please Contact us

1- Can I register my child for Miami Equestrian Club Spring Camp if I don’t live in the area?

Of course! We have out of town families visiting Miami for the Spring who enjoy taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. As long as you bring and pick your child on time there should not be any problem.

2- How long is your Spring camp?

Our spring camp runs in one week sessions beginning the week of March 1st through April 31st.

3- Do you organize your groups by age?

Groups are organized according to age and gender. Children can take more out of the whole experience when they interact with friends that share similar interests.

4- How do I inform you about my child’s medical condition or medications taken?

You should inform the Spring camp director or camp counselors about any allergies or condition your child may have together with medications he or she may be taking at the time of registration.

5- Do Miami Equestrian Club provides lunch?

Miami Equestrian Club will not provide regular meals or drinks. Parents are responsible to feed their children. All children must bring drinks, lunch and/or snacks.

6- What is the dress code?

Remember dress codes protect your children. Dress must be modest and campers must completely cover:

  • Children must wear close-toe shoes at all times, preferably boots.
  • We prefer your children wear pants, no shorts.
  • Only polo shirts or long sleeve shirts are allowed. No sleeveless shirts, tank tops or spaghetti straps.
  • No flip-flops or wet clothing especially around the horses.
  • If we notice any appearance that is disruptive to the camp environment we will take it to the camp director and address it.
  • If children don’t comply with Miami Equestrian Club dress code we will contact the parents immediately and the child will be asked to change clothes as provided by the parent.

7- How qualified are your camp staff?

We hire all our staff based on prior experience working with campers, especially children. They undergo background check as required by the state. They are well trained and all our policies are carefully explained to them.

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