Welcome to our Spring Break Camp Miami! For several years Miami Equestrian Club has built a reputation as a top Spring Break Camp Miami. We are simply growing as more campers join our amazing Spring Break Camp Miami each year. We are thankful for our community’s support and promise your kids will have a fantastic experience with us.

Spring camp Miami. A different week!

We invite you and your family to explore the magical world of horses! Spring is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the great outdoors. Kids will learn a lot through activities with horses and walk away with a knowledge that will serve them for the rest of their lives. They will acquire life skills they can apply to everyday circumstances but above all, they will have lots of fun!

Miami spring break camp

Spring break activities for kids

Your kids are introduced to many activities that help them both bond with our horses and nature. Each day, they can be part of entertaining activities around the farm.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is an amazing recreational activity and physical exercise. It can improve balance and coordination and help your child develop a sense of confidence and freedom. It gets kids outdoors and allows them bond with nature while also improving muscle tone and flexibility. The inner thighs, arms and shoulder will get an amazing workout. It’s a great social sport and isometric exercise, which means some specific muscles are used to stay in certain positions such as to keep balance on the horse.

Horse grooming

The process of caring for a horse can help children with their self-esteem. Since horses are big animals it may be intimidating for them at first but once they get pass this fear they will feel a sense of pride. Through activities such as braiding and brushing the horse’s mane and learning to use the different horse grooming tools, they can learn the rewards of discipline and responsibility.

Caring for these marvelous creatures helps children that have difficulty connecting with other people. The bond they develop with the horse improves their connection with others outside the farm. It’s hard sometimes for some children to express their feelings. Horse grooming can be a great activity for them to open up in a constructive way. The self-confidence they gain while working closely with horses can spread beautifully into other areas of their lives.

Horse grooming

Horse feeding

Feeding the horse properly is important for healthy growth and performance. All horses need more or less the same nutrients: protein for body tissues and to help in the production of hormones and enzymes, energy for body functions, and also vitamins and minerals. Feeding the horse is a great activity for kids to learn more about horses and how nutrition is linked to animal and human development.

Working in the farm also helps strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular capacity. Activities around the farm require some level of strength and endurance. Your children will do light work, and help feed the horses. According to psychologists, caring for these animals helps with emotional, social, and cognitive functioning. Horses have a calming effect on children. Children who learn to love and respect animals will also love and respect others.

Pony rides

Your children can ride our ponies while they explore our 17.5 acre facility. We have an exceptional pack of ponies ready to entertain the whole family. It’s a great experience, especially for small children who ride for the first time. Ponies have their own character and personality. As children learn to interact with them through a variety of activities, they improve their communication skills, self-confidence, discipline, and accountability.

We keep it fun and safe

It’s important to remember horses are big animals and they must be handled by professionals and with the right techniques. We make sure your children are safe at all times by implementing and enforcing a protective dress code. A skilled trainer will accompany your child at all times. Safety comes first. But we also keep it fun. Your child will find a lifetime hobby and experience an unforgettable adventure.

Safe horse riding

Others things to do on spring break at our center

Miami Equestrian Club Spring Break Camp Miami has a unique focus of teaching children the value of interacting with the environment, especially animals. Our experience working with kids set us at the top of the list. We remain the preferred destination for many families across South Florida. Adults can also enjoy our scenic horseback riding trails and horseback riding. It’s an experience for the whole family.

You can also be part of our summer and winter camps!


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