MEC Junior Team 2020

The junior team combines mounted riding lessons with theory and lecture. Rider participate in group riding lessons, followed by educational lecture and activity. Members of the team work towards competing and expanding their horsemanship knowledge. We Travel to shows, equestrian events, and field trips. Events include halloween party, holiday party, and traveling to Wellington for high level competition.

  • Members must be independent riders.
  • Riders must demonstrate walking and toting independently
  • Proper riding gear is required (boots, helmet, gloves)

Train with Karen Garcia

karen garcia trainer


  • Trainer, Talland School of Equitation, United Kingdom
  • Trainer, Liege Manor Equestrian, United Kingdom
  • Trainer, Private Ranch, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Trainer, Jesse Williams Ranch, Miami, Florida
  • Trainer, Star Stable, Rising Star Equestrian Center, Arvada, Colorado

WHEN: 1st - 9th Feb 2020

TIME: 10:00-2:30

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle, lunch, A4 binder (for theory class),Pen,Ridding gear.

PRICE: $560 (8sessions)


10:00 - Meeting

10:30 - Team A Riding Lesson

11:15 - Team B Riding Lesson

12:00 - Team C Riding Lesson

1:00 - Lunch Time

1:45 - Theory Class

2:30 - Finish

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