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At Miami Equestrian Club, we have our own personal trainers and instructors that are eager to teach you how to understand, care, ride, and love horses. Teaching from the very basics, without skipping steps; all on a safe, and controlled environment. Our horse trainers and instructors have had years of experience with horses of all breeds, temperaments, and disciplines, providing them with a broad view and understanding of how a horse thinks, their reactions etc. Riding and teaching for our instructors and trainers is unlike any other job, as it is simply their passion. There’s nothing better done than when your heart is the first to guide you.

Miami Equestrian Club, a 17.5 acres facility, is an ideal place for you and the horse to reach your potential. Classes range from the most basic elements to the intermediate level with the highest quality training.

Here you will learn how to brush and bathe a horse as well as the classical dressage to improve the natural gaits of the horse. Each lesson is customized to each individual’s riding level in order to guarantee the utmost quality horse lesson in Miami, Fl.

Horse back Riding is a combination of technique and feeling, one of the few sports in which, not only depend on the individual; but also on the partner, the horse. There is a connection between the rider and the horse that allows learning, dressage and progress during training; it is a sport that exercising outdoors, providing the rider with improved balance, strength, and perseverance.

Horseback Riding Lessons in Miami

Horseback riding lessons at Miami Equestrian Club are taught from the very basics to the last horse show. All of our trainers have extensive experience in the riding field, with many equine breeds, disciplines, and show experience.

Private Classes last about 45 minutes. The rider must have his horse ready at the time of the class, and commit to deal with the horse at the end of the riding lesson. Assistance will be given if needed, but each rider has to learn all the aspects involving the horse care. During the horse training there will be warming up to the rider, and the horse which will improve posture in the saddle, confidence, and reduce the risk of injury.

Group lessons are always given as the booking time and horses are available. They last for about 1 hour. Riders must also have their horses ready for class. During that time, a rider will be leading, and the others will follow. Everyone should pay attention to both the horse and the trainer to make the most of your lesson. Always carefully teaching every individual safety first.

Our riding lessons are tailored to every rider, taking in consideration their age, experience, confidence, and riding goals, among others. We carefully select the right horse to start with so that every riding practice is unforgettable.

At Miami Equestrian Club, to learn to ride implies much more than the time on the saddle. As a rider, you need to be capable of accomplishing any other horse related task on the book, such as bathing, or lunging a horse. It will not only create a stronger bond between you & the horses, but also give you the skills you need to become a great rider.

You will learn in hand, in the lunge line, freely in the arena, or in all those ways! Every one of our ways of teaching provides specific benefits. Its combination will ensure you do not miss a step on the saddle.

Horseback Riding Lessons Miami

Ways to learn how to ride a horse

Depending on the level of the student and the discretion of the coach, the class may be at hand, rope or loose on the track.

In hand

These classes are given by the coach taking the horse in hand, near the student to better secure him/her. These are simpler classes for the rider to get used to the horse gait and his first steps (walk and trot).

Lunge Lines

The class with the Lunge Lines allows the coach have control of the horse, despite having distance from each other. So the rider will gain confidence as if he were alone with the horse. However, in case of a shock, the trainer has the horse under control. During these classes the rider will exercise physically to improve overall body posture and strengthen the muscles that are used for rides.

Free in the arena

Once the coach deems the student is ready to mount without assistance, the rider can use the entire track. This will allow the student and horse to cope on their own, supervised, and guided by the coach. As the student technical and horse management progress, the learning will go in more detail.

Miami Equestrian Club, a venue like no other

Horseback Riding Miami

On our Premier Equestrian Center Miami, the connection between horses and riders are taught, creating not only a sport but a passion. Nowadays, it is not easy to find a place where you can fully relax and chill. Miami Equestrian Club features 2 riding tracks; the first is a over-sized outdoor arena over 240 ‘x 120’ft and has an outdoor display area to comfortably watch your children or friends. The arena features lighting all around, so that way you can take classes late at night, when at times during the day the weather is very hot as in the summer. On rainy days, we also have an indoor track (Covered round-pen arena) the perfect size for a private class, or large enough to lunge line a horse. The farm has a lot of flexibility when it comes to your needs, and if you are a parent and have a job to do during the class, or if you are a student and have duties before or after your lesson, you can sit in our Guest room where you have A/ C with WIFI for business.

Presently, you cannot find a place where you can forget the worries; enjoy a natural landscape, all this together with your family or friends. And as part of our activities we will be offering riding lessons, which will always be performed by one of our instructors. Our horses are well taken care of and well trained and the stalls are clean, well ventilated, and efficiently set up.

Horseback Lessons Packages (Western & English)

45 min lesson: 30 min on horse + 15 min off receiving verbal instruction

Single Private Lesson

  • $75

4 Lessons

  • $250

8 Lessons

  • $450

12 Lessons

  • $650

16 Lessons

  • $800

horseback riding lessons in miami

Horseback Riding

45 min lesson: 30 min on horse + 15 min off receiving verbal instruction



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