Pony rides Miami are very popular among children of all ages as well as their parents who often look for fun and healthy ways to distract their kids. These amazing animals are perfect for any outdoor activity whether at home or at a farm such as Miami Equestrian Club. Pony rides Miami are designed for nature lovers and especially those who love horses. Ponies are the delight of children at birthday parties or any other event on those amazing days filled with fun and laughter!

The price should not be a concern for you. Miami Equestrian Club has the best rates in town. It doesn’t matter how diverse your needs are, we want to meet them. This means that our services and prices provide your family and friends at any party or event with the opportunity to have an incredible pony riding experience! If you can’t get to our farm, we can simply bring our ponies to you.

Our rates vary according to the occasion and the time of the year you plan your event. They take into account whether you’d like to come on your own or in a group. If your family is large and you want them to enjoy the ride with you or perhaps you want your friends to come as well, we can accommodate you everyone. If you come to Miami Equestrian Club our staff can guide you through the whole process of choosing a riding package and they will also take care of your children. Furthermore, you can choose where you want to ride our ponies, whether at the trails or the farm. Renting a pony for your child can be a great gift any time of the year. If your child is fond of these animals it will certainly be an unforgettable time for them. However, if this is the first time they are in contact with this environment, it can also be extremely beneficial for their emotional and physical development

After interacting with our ponies you will find out the prices do not reflect the satisfaction you get from riding our ponies with your family. Check out our most popular rates. If you can’t find here what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss the best option or rate that fits your budget.


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