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Pony Rides Miami Introduction

Miami Equestrian Club offers an amazing pony riding experience for children of all ages. Our pony riding ranch allow groups and families enjoy and explore our 17.5 acres facility together. We have an awesome pack of ponies ready to visit you at your home! Or you can also come on the weekends to enjoy pony rides at our farm at very reasonable rates! Our pony rides are great for a first riding experience or contact with a pony. These ponies have calm personalities and they love to please. They are also very eager and excited to be pet and groomed. Take a look at pictures of recent visits and events at our farm. Our welcoming, courteous, and experienced staff provides pony rides Miami and they will make sure you feel right at home.

Benefits of pony riding for kids

Pony riding is entertaining and great physical exercise. However, this fascinating experience, although enjoyable, goes beyond that. There are many core benefits pony rides Miami can provide. For example, it provides a healthy activity for your child where he or she can go outdoors, get some fresh air and enjoy nature. Riding also improves balance and coordination. Likewise, as your child learns this new skill he or she starts developing a sense of confidence and freedom. Riding can also be a great social support for your child since other youth riders will be around for your child to interact with.

Social and Educational

Ponies are incredible social creatures that look like humans in many ways. They each possess their own character and personality. These amazing creatures can provide great opportunities for your kids to learn about teamwork and accountability. Children who take part in pony rides Miami can develop relationships with the ponies as they interact with them in a number of ways through a variety of activities including instruction, training, and or anything related to the animal. Ponies help your children increase their communication or social skills, self-assurance, discipline and accountability.

While pony rides can be scary or intimidating to some children at first, these safe and fun activities allow your children to express their fears in a constructive environment and improve their self-confidence. Overcoming the fear of the unknown can serve to help your child overcome other challenges or fears your little one may be facing in his or her world or daily life.

Ponys Rides Trajectory (Distance: 2000 feet)

Ponys Rides Pictures

boy riding a pony with his trainer
girl riding a pony with his trainer
girls hugging a pony
kids riding ponies at Miami Equestrian Club
ponies training at Miami Equestrian Club
boys riding ponys in miami
ponies eating grass
ponies rides for kids



Therapeutic horseback riding

Horseback riding can help children of all ages build confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills while also learning to ride a horse. Experiencing the motion of a horse can be very calming, especially when done with those breeds that have quiet temperaments. Some places offer what is called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or EAP. This approach helps treat individuals struggling with behavioral, and mental disorders. During these programs equestrian professionals help their students find out more about themselves and learn new ways to express their feelings in a constructive way.

Horse therapy for children has proven to be very helpful in kids experiencing mental illnesses such as ADHD, PTSD, behavioral issues, and some developmental disorders. The main goal or purpose of equine therapy is learning to use and improve some skills such as:

  • Problem solving or conflict resolution
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Acute and original thinking
  • Management or leadership skills
  • Cooperation and teamwork
  • Self-confidence
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Assertiveness
Benefits of pony riding for kids

Other issues that can be addressed during the treatment include:

  • The need of every child for unconditional love
  • Feelings of rejection your child may be experiencing, perhaps in school or anywhere else
  • Loss of self-identity
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • The necessity of support, safety, and protection
  • Problems with stopping bad habits
  • Trouble making decisions

Although at Miami Equestrian Club we don’t offer a therapeutic riding program, we encourage this type of therapy for your special needs child. You will reap many benefits and help your child grow into an emotionally and physically healthier adult.

Pony Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Planning an amazing birthday party for your little horses’ fanatic can be a rewarding experience. There are several pony party ideas and tips that will help you plan your party such as decorating, games, food, and some activity suggestions. Miami Equestrian Club can help you make your pony birthday party a memorable event. Celebrating these special days will create unforgettable memories with your child. These are things your child will proudly talk about with friends in school and memories that can’t be easily erased.

Birthday Parties in Miami

Let’s start with the invitations. Whether in the computer by downloading a free party invitation layout template or perhaps by creating them with your child, making your own invitations can be fun! You can use this time to bond with your child and ask him/her questions about what pony party themes he/she’d like to have. If you don’t have much time to go that far, there are always beautiful invitations you can buy at the store and write on them a personalized message.

Decorations are the second thing to think about. Themes can be complicated but you can keep it simple. If you are hosting the party at Miami Equestrian Club or at a local farm, you can use a few bales of hay to create a country ambiance. For indoor parties, you can use stirrups from construction paper and attach it to the tables and chairs. You can also make cowboy hats and boots with construction paper and hang them on the walls.

Cornstalks are also great to decorate, when they’re available. You can find pony party supplies at a local store for a relatively good price.

The next thing to think about is how to feed your guests. It all depends what time of the day your event is going to be. You can have pony-themed snacks or the usual pizza, hot dog, which is generally easier.

However, if you want your guests to enjoy a healthy meal, then you can either cook something nice for them or order food from a local restaurant or bakery. You can also have a menu for the parents and a menu for the kids. The purpose of the party is for everyone to celebrate together and have a great time!

Last but not least are games. You can either use the traditional games out there or create your own. There is Hay Hunt, which is kind of like Easter Egg Hunt, where kids get to dig through the hay and search for a hidden treasure. There is also Rope Tricks where your child can learn a few rodeo-style rope tricks. You can also do other things and play other games such as Horse Tail Races, Coloring Pages, Painting, and of course party pony rides where the young rider will learn about appreciating horses as well as preparing for future riding adventures with bigger horses.

When it comes to party favors, the ideas are limitless. You can have pony photo frames, bubble necklaces, cowboy/cowgirl hats, theme-shaped lollipops, horse notepads and stickers, pony pictures, etc. Miami Equestrian Club can be the most fun place to celebrate good times! Your child can have a thousand pony birthday parties with us and never get bored.

Learn how to ride a Horse

Pony rides at Miami Equestrian Club are a great opportunity for kids to learn about horseback at an early age. The simple instructions they learn about how to ride a pony can help the child become familiar with horseback riding early on and be prepared to upgrade to bigger horses in the future once they become adults.

Pony riding is a safer way to get familiar with horses and how they relate to humans. A person is generally leading the pony which makes the child feel safe since he or she is not fully responsible to maneuver the animal.

Diferent Services in Miami

Pony Rides and horseback riding in Miami

Although children usually have short attention span and may not listen at first when you give them instructions, they will eventually understand as you repeat the instructions slowly, calmly, and clearly-stated. Preparation for riding a pony will involve placing their hands on the saddle horn in order to stay secure. They also learn how to sit straight in the saddle and where they should place their lower, leg and foot.

Pony Rides at the Farm

Miami Equestrian Club offers amazing pony rides at our Miami property. Going on a relaxing pony ride in Miami can be a remarkable experience. Many children have never seen or touched a real animal. Pony rentals at the farm allow your children to explore new opportunities to interact with animals in a safe environment. Miami enjoys mostly sunny and warm weather all year round which allows our clients to visit our farm on every season. Our doors are always open!

Ponies Rides for Birthday Parties or Events

Miami Equestrian Club can bring our ponies to you. Imagine what an exciting experience your child will have to have these amazing animals brought to your home, party, or any other event you may be planning with your child.

All the children at the party get to enjoy our pony rides and enjoy the experience and animals as well. These are memories your child will never forget, treasure for a lifetime, and will share with his or her friends!

Pony Ride In Miami Outside the Farm

Miami Equestrian Club can bring the ponies to you! We will bathe, groom, and have them saddled up and ready at your party for the kids at reasonable prices.

Our prices can vary according to the client’s specific needs or particular case. Our rates will take into account, among other things, the rental time, the place where you want to go for a ride, and how many horses you rent. Our rates are competitive and they are exclusively designed for you and your children to enjoy all our services. If you want more information, please contact our equestrian administration. You may contact us via email or by calling us at the phone provided on our site.

We have special prices for all day rentals! Please inquire with us today, and have your kids riding on the same day! (upon availability)

Pony rides are available every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, except on Mondays, and when they are not in an event.

For your safety, you can only ride our ponies around the farm or round track.

Pony Rides in Miami

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