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Pony Rental Miami

Miami Equestrian Club invites you to take advantage of our pony rental packages in the comfort of your own home or next private event! Our facility is equipped with adorable ponies to make you or your child have the most pleasant experience within your next party. Pony rental Miami allows our beautiful and highly-trained group of ponies the opportunity to visit you within your home. Pony party rental is a great way for your child to start learning about ponies and horse-back riding. These adorable creatures have calm personalities and love to entertain. They also enjoy when they are pet and interactive with new families.

Pony rides rentals & benefits for kids

Pony Rental Miami

Riding a pony can appear as scary at first for some children. By renting ponies within the comfort of your own home and supervision, your little ones will have a chance to express their fears in a constructive environment. The fear of the unknown can be very powerful yet this opportunity helps your child to successfully face this challenge with the help of our certified horse trainers. Your child will be prepared and have more confidence to face future challenges or fears he or she may encounter in the future after this experience.

There are many benefits to pony riding within your own private event. It is a unique way for your kids to have a lot of fun and while also engaging in good physical activity. Also, it’s a healthy way for your kids to experience the beauty of nature and learn how animals communicate.

Pony riding can improve balance and coordination. As your child gets familiar with this new skill, he or she will also learn to trust and slowly develop more confidence and independence. Pony riding is a great social activity for your children. They can build new friendships with other youth riders that have common interests.

Ponies are unbelievably social creatures that act like humans in many ways. However, they have their unique characteristics and personalities. These fascinating creatures can provide a great educational experience for your child where he or she will learn about teamwork and also about how to stay accountable. Ponies can help your kids build good communication, social skills, and self-confidence.

Pony Rentals for Parties

Miami Equestrian Club has extensive experience with bringing ponies to special and private events. We bring them to indoor and outdoor celebrations such as corporate events, birthday parties, picnics and any other events or special occasion you may have. We can bring one or several ponies (upon availability). Your event will be a huge success. Just about any event or occasion can be made unforgettable for your kids when ponies are part of the celebration. Let the fun begin!

Pony Themed Birthday Party

This is one of the most popular events for pony rentals. A birthday party can take place at your home or at our farm, whichever is more convenient for the client. Children at the birthday party may take a pony ride led by a member of our lesson staff. Two children can share the ride with one pony as long as they meet certain age and weight requirements.

Pony Rental at your Petting Zoo Birthday Party

This is one of the most popular events for pony rentals. A birthday party can take place at your home providing more convenience for your family. Children within the event may take a pony ride led by a member of our lesson staff. Two children can share the ride with one pony as long as they meet certain age and weight requirements.

At Miami Equestrian Club, our traveling petting zoo can transform your party into an unforgettable event. We have a wide selection of ponies for parties available at our farm or outside the farm. Our ponies are very docile and your child will be safe with them. Miami Equestrian Club’s petting zoo for birthday party can be brought to city parks, backyards, sidewalks, beach, or any other place where you wish to host your event.

Petting zoo party in Miami

Small children can learn how to feed our ponies and take care of them within our pony petting zoos. Activities such as grooming, observing and playing with animals, and pony grooming games can create a long-lasting memory for your child. Kid’s petting zoo or pony rentals packages can be the best and most fulfilling experience available to children.

Our pony petting zoo for parties breaks the ‘no feeding rule’ many farms have. When feeding ponies with hay, it should be good quality grass hay. When introducing them to pasture, it should be done slowly because it can harm them. This is why a team member from equestrian riding center will always be there to assist you throughout your event and teach horse lovers how to pamper our ponies.

Petting Animals for Parties

Ponies for parties are easier to handle and less threatening than horses or other bigger animals. When grooming them, you have to start at the top of his neck and work your way to their back. Then, you simply switch sides and repeat. There are different types of brushes your child can use such as the rubber brush, dandy brush, and body brush. You can also use a polishing cloth or towel and some hair conditioner (not to be placed on the back or girth area). The instructor at the private event will teach children how to properly groom ponies if they are interested. If you are interested in this package and so much more, don’t forget to choose Miami Equestrian Club’ traveling petting zoo for your next event!

Pony Birthday Party in Miami

Horse riding and pony rental Miami

Pony rentals Miami are a great opportunity for your little ones to learn about horseback riding. They will learn simple instructions about how to ride a pony which can prepare them for horseback riding lessons in the future. Once they are ready, they can move onto bigger horses.

Pony riding is an easier and safer way to learn about horses and how they communicate. This is always a safe environment where the instructor can lead the pony and help your kids feel comfortable because he or she is not completely responsible for the animal.

Pony Rental Miami Safety

If you want to see a smile on your child’s face, Miami Equestrian Club offers the perfect pony rentals in Miami for every occasion. Pony rentals provide your child with an enjoyable moment. It’s also a great educational experience for your kids to learn more about these amazing creatures. Your kids will have an unforgettable experience where each can take a turn to ride our beautiful ponies. We make sure your children are safe with our experienced handlers. Our ponies are groomed before the event. You’ll have great opportunities to take pictures!

Pony Rental Cost

Miami Equestrian Club can bring the ponies to your home or to any other place you desire under the supervision of one of our horse trainers. They will be groomed and ready at your event at very affordable prices.

Our prices can vary according to the client’s specific needs or particular case. Our rates will take into account, among other things, the rental time, the place where you want to go for a ride, and how many horses you rent. Our rates are competitive and they are exclusively designed for you and your children to enjoy all our services.

Below you will find further detail on the private pony rental and prices:

  • Private Pony Rental (trainer brings pony to party) = $450 = 2 Ponies for a total of 2 hours
  • Pony rentals are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM every day except Mondays and when they are not in a special event.
  • We offer special rates for birthday parties, events, and all day rentals

Contact us today, and have your children riding within a few days (upon availability)! If you would like more information, please contact our equestrian administration. You may contact us via email or by calling us at the phone provided on our site.

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