Horses for Lease in Miami

horses lease in Miami

We have the right horses for lease in Miami

Horses for Lease in Miami

We strongly encourage for any new individuals to the horse world, to do not jump onto buying a horse right away. The horse world is very rewarding, but also, very demanding. Our best advice is to lease a horse, or even multiple ones, before you take on buying. This will allow you to experience all benefits of owning, without the full responsibility that it entails, nor the cost of buying one. Likewise you may take riding lessons on different horses. We have for all levels of riding. The more horses you ride, the easier it will be for you to know when you are on the right horse to own.When you lease a horse, you usually gain full responsibility of the horse. Terms can be negotiated and arranged, however, as standard package the lessee is in charge of it all, farrier, vet bills, dentist, feed & maintenance. And will hence be able to ride the horse at will, all within the humane limits of the horse. When leasing a horse, you have to be very clear on everything, so that down the road you do not encounter any problems. For example, you have to discuss whether you may or may not take him to a horse show in Miami, or ride him at another farm. Horse Lease agreement may be short terms, like days of trial of a horse you may be interested in buying, or long term, such as a 6 month to year leases. Lease options to own are also an option, where at the end of the lease, you pay the remaining balance of the value of the horse & take over the ownership.

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