Horse Riding Miami at our Equestrian Center

. Born of nature’s best, our rides not only remind us of our roots but they still serve our community by being widely used for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Exploring them is a unique experience you have to try for yourself.

Your Amusing Horse Riding Miami

Horse Riding Miami is the experience of a lifetime. An adventure you will want to come back to every time you visit Miami. South Florida is the perfect place for the most enjoyable horseback rides across the state. Horse riding Miami comprises rides through some of most scenic rural landscape our Ranch in Miami. Immerse yourself in Florida’s wildlife and exotic flora. Savor your trip along Miami’s beautiful and serene horseback rides. We hope to see you around!

South Florida is perhaps one of the most cosmopolitan regions in the Sunshine State. It’s the place where different cultures have learned to mingle; Miami being the center of many attractions, where tourists can enjoy the warm weather, refreshing gateway at the beach and all that nature has to offer. This colorful paradise combines different trends and cultures together with high-end sports and entertainment. All these things put together have contributed significantly to the rapid growth of this metropolis. Over time, amazing opportunities have been created for everyone living in the attractive Sun City. The charm of this beautiful tourist area lies not only in its amazing beaches, but also its people and customs that enrich its multicultural background.

You can have the best Horse Riding Miami experience with us! Miami Equestrian Club is an equestrian center located in the heart of Kendall (Horse Country) about 30 minutes from Miami Beach and 15 miles from the Miami International Airport. Here you can experience the magic equine interaction with our amazing horses and choose from a wide variety of breeds, hand-picked to please our clients, for the comfort of your whole family.

Since ancient times the Greeks had shown that horse riding can be very beneficial for the physical and mental health. Recent studies have shown that this activity helps toning your muscles. It also helps burn up fat, about 650 calories per hour, and strengthens the heart as it is considered a cardiovascular exercise that may demand the same level of effort as running or cycling.

Horse riding can provide many physical and psychological benefits. But why is this? Equine-assisted therapy (EAT) has proven to be effective to manage stress levels and it also helps with other conditions such as autism, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, etc.

horse ride at Miami Equestrian Club

Physical Benefits

  • Regulates muscle tone
  • Promotes coordination and the development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Decreases spasticity

Psychological benefits

  • Helps with self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Helps with concentration and it has a positive effect on memory
  • Helps with perception of space and time

Horses don’t make a distinction between riders (there is no difference between a healthy or a disabled rider) which helps patients with limitations feel free when riding them

Best Horseback Rides at our Equestrian Center

Horse riding, whether for pleasure or exercise, involves discovering and experiencing the power of nature. Our equestrian center was recently remodeled to meet the needs of our clients. Our clients and horses always come first. Our horseback riding tours are:

Privately guided

Our guides are such a delight and they spend much time with our clients on the ride talking to them and answering all their questions about horses and riding in general. With our qualified staff and serene rides, you will feel safe and relaxed the whole time.

Family friendly

Your whole family is welcomed to ride our horses through our peaceful rides. Our horses are loved and care for and can be ridden by the entire family. There are also pony rides and pony rentals for all skill levels. It’s an unforgettable experience you and your family would absolutely want to be part of.

Equestrian rides for every season!

Celebrate good times! Let the bride ride along our equestrian rides, and your children laugh as they celebrate one more year of life with the whole family at our Miami equestrian center. Whether indoors or outdoors, your event will be a complete success at Miami Equestrian Club. Miami Equestrian Club is one of the choicest Party Venues Miami. We also provide a special parking area to accommodate all our visitors. Let the fun begin!

Horseback riding trail for the perfect lessons

Horseback riding rides for riding lessons

There are riding lessons Miami available for individuals of all ages and riding skills. Starting with pony rides, our beginner riders can explore our horseback riding rides under the care and direction of our trainers and experienced staff. We also offer training for horses and assist you in selling them.

Horse riding in Florida - Become part of our heritage

In the 1940s, Florida was the Wild West of the East. Thanks to Florida’s beneficial winter breeding season weather, counties such as Marion County soon began to flourish in the 1950s in their unique equine sector. Throughout the Sunshine State history we continue to see how horses always bring us back to our roots. Horseback riding in Florida is more than an experience, it’s history. At Horse Country Miami all rides are designed for pleasure riding. Deep rooted in the suburban surroundings, Miami Equestrian Club makes history happen all over again as it gains popularity among our equestrian community and visitors from cross the nation and all over the world. See the world through the eyes of these amazing creatures. We hope you visit us soon!

Horseback rides at Miami’s all year-round greenery

Horse rides are the perfect activity to do something special in the warm Florida weather during your vacation in Florida. Visitors from all over the country, specially from up North, enjoy our horse rides. Some visitors to South Florida are so busy swimming, sunning, and clubbing that they forget one of the most amazing attractions in the old Wild West of the East. Your vacation in Florida doesn’t have to be ordinary. Imagine the wind blowing on your face as you ride along our 17.5 acres farm. It can be quite therapeutic and you will have an unexpected story to tell when going back home. Miami’s well-behaved weather, and rainy season favors and waters our always green vegetation making our horse rides look beautiful and welcoming all year round. Come along! Enjoy the ride at Miami Equestrian Club!

Horseback rides at Miami

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