Horse Stables

A stable is a building where animals are kept, especially horses. It is usually divided into separate stalls for each horse individually. They come in different sizes and types, and they are all well equipped for the benefit of the horses. The inside and outside design of a stable varies depending on the climate of the city where they are located, as well as the materials used in the building including masonry, wood and steel.

In Miami, They are mostly made of concrete and are hurricane resistant. Every stall has a comfortable and absorbing mat, an automatic watering system and fresh air and light to satisfy the horse’s needs.

Horse Stables Miami

Features that stables should have for better performance

  1. Constant Ventilation:

    The horse lovers admit that good air quality is vital for the health of your horse. However, inadequate ventilation is one of the most common misconceptions in building modern stables for horses. It is vital to maintain good air quality in the facility.

  2. Designing:
    The interior should provide a suitable environment for the horse and the handler or trainer, along with comfort for the horse and comfort for the owner.
  3. Soil, and drainage and materials:
    The legs of the horse can be very affected by soil type having the stables. The construction of the sub-floor and drawing heavily influence the integrity of the floor.
  4. Fire Safety:
    In the fires of stables, the old saying is true that preventing is worth it. According to the fire behaviors there are countless ways to minimize it or prevent it through construction practices and management.
  5. Manure management in the stables:
    The legs of the horse can be very affected by soil type having the stables. The construction of the sub-floor and drawing heavily influence the integrity of the floor.
  6. Fencing:
    Fencing should be carefully planned before construction. A fence can keep away the horses from the hassles of dogs and unwanted visitors.

Stable Rentals in The Ranch

The Ranch Horse Stables are professionally maintained for the enjoyment and safety of the horses. The arena offers the latest in high performance footing. Paddocks are irrigated and professionally maintained to ensuring a safe retreat for your horse. Our experience staff is committed to providing quality care and safe handling for your horse. The facility includes full service grooming and exercise in a daily basis.

Our stables have been built with more detail to reciprocate the trust clients has put on us. It is often not easy to find a place where you achieve your expectations.

In The Ranch, we offer different packages for you to choose according to your needs. we have excellent employees to take care of the daily needs of your horse. in the ranch each horse has a room larger than 3.50 m by 3.50 m which will allow the horse to move comfortably. The stables also have a window with a view to the outside as this improves the living condition of the horses. we also provide full training by experienced staff for your horse. Bring you horse to paradise with cool breeze and excellent service. Feel free to visit us and see our facilities, you will be fascinated to see what we have to offer.

Horse Stables in Miami

Horses that are in stables for sale:

  1. All the benefits of training or Deluxe package plus 4 additional training workouts with no monthly fee
  2. Making professional videos and photos to the website + online advertising
  3. Cost will be 20% commission on the sale
  4. Timeout for sale 6 months
  5. The sale agreement will be for a pre-agreed price; if the agreement is broken the individual will incur in loss of deposit

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