Miami Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners

Miami horseback riding

Learning how to ride a horse can be the most rewarding experience you ever had. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. However, for beginners, Miami horseback riding lessons can be a little frightening since working with animals requires some level of expertise and lots of patience.

Miami horseback riding can be both therapeutic and rejuvenating. Studies have shown horseback riding is advantageous to psychological and cognitive processes. You learn to appreciate more the active connection with these amazing creatures. As with any new skill you learn, you will need a lot of practice to get better at it. Some of the most common problems for beginners or young riders taking Miami horseback riding lessons include:

  • The horse being unfriendly or aggressive: Horses may feel uneasy when approached in a straight line. It’s better walking in an arc when approaching a horse during horseback riding lessons. You just need to make your presence known. Avoid eye contact and make sure the horse is facing your direction.
  • Problems mounting the horse: Horses are trained to receive riders who mount on the left side. This is a rule that must be followed. Try to control the direction in which the horse is moving. Distribute your weight uniformly instead of having all your weight hanging from one side.
  • Feeling insecure riding horses: This generally happens due to improper positioning and/or seating alignment. The correct horse-riding position should allow an imaginary straight line to be traced through the rider’s ear, to the shoulder, hip, and heel. The back and shoulders should always be straight and the feet in the stirrup.
  • When the horse doesn’t stop when pulling back on the reins: The position of your body and rein movement should be combined in order to properly stop. You should start with a “whoa” call and then a halt signal closing your fingers and pulling backward on the reins as you push your seat deeper in the saddle.
  • The horse going too fast and being unresponsive: When this happens use the emergency-stop technique as it will help you regain control.

Horses, just like humans, have different personalities. Some can be more well-mannered than others. They are very intelligent animals but can also be shy by nature. Young horse riders should stay calm, and well-mannered when learning new horseback riding skills. Contact Miami Equestrian Club today and learn more about the amazing world of horses.

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