Florida Horses History

horses in the pasture

Steeds initially touched base on the southeast North American terrain in 1521, brought by Ponce de Leon on his second excursion to the district, where they were utilized by officers, scouts and animals herders. Later campaigns brought more stallions and dairy cattle to Spanish Florida. By the late sixteenth century, stallions were utilized broadly as a part of the neighborhood cows business and by the late seventeenth century the business was prospering, particularly in what is presently northern Florida and southern Georgia. The steeds brought to North America by the Spanish and along these lines reared there included Points, Garranos, Spanish Jennets, Sorraias, Andalusians and other Iberian breeds. By and large, they were generally little and had physical attributes unique of Spanish breeds, including short backs, inclining shoulders, low set tails and wide brows.

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