Niños y Ponis la Combinación Perfecta

Kids and Ponies are the Perfect Combo

More often than not, kids love the idea of being able to play and interact with animals, especially ponies. Growing up around horses and ponies can be a great upbringing for your kids for various reasons. It is a great way to build your child’s character and teach them many lessons about how to treat and care for these precious animals. Growing up around ponies has the ability to shape your child in a great and positive way.

  • They teach responsibility Being around ponies for hours throughout the day will bring a child to become aware of what must be done to care for the pony. They will learn that the animal must be fed at certain times of the day and be groomed every so often. Being exposed to this every day will help your kids learn what it means be responsible for caring for something other than themselves.
  • They build the immune system We all know parents are always worried about keeping their kids as clean as possible at all times of the day, and there is nothing wrong with this! But studies have actually shown that individuals that are often around animals are healthier overall due to the exposure of the bacteria animals contain. Let your kids let loose a little and get dirty with these lovely animals!
  • They instill patience When dealing with horses, the one thing you will learn is that you must be patient. Like they say, “If you’re not a humble person, your horse will make you one” And this is extremely true. When kids are around ponies, they will learn to be patient and compassionate.
  • They teach ambition and focus When kids take pony and horse riding lessons, they learn to focus and become ambitious about their horses and the way they ride. As your kids start riding for years, you will see them become dedicated to this sport and focused on becoming better and better.
  • They are great exercise Horse riding is actually one of the best cardio exercises out there! This is a great and fun way to keep your kids active, healthy, and in shape. Getting your child to exercise at a young age will benefit them in numerous ways.

At Miami Equestrian Club, located in Miami, Florida, we provide pony and horse riding lessons to kids of all ages. Getting your child involved with nature and interacting with these beautiful animals will benefit them in ways you’ve never imagined! For more information on pony and horse riding lessons, give us a call!